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Support during the pandemic


Supporting young people and services during the pandemic

The onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic from late 2019 saw CMY begin this new decade urgently needing to find innovative ways of supporting young people and youth services providers in this uncertain and challenging context.

CMY staff and volunteers had a key role to play in this context, in reaching out and continuing to support young people through the social isolation and other impacts of COVID-19. CMY also partnered with others to develop research on the disproportionate effect of the pandemic on young people of diverse cultural backgrounds and to examine mental health impacts. CMY also provided advice to the Select Committee on COVID-19 with MYAN and to the Inquiry into the Victorian Government response to the pandemic.

Over 85% of the more than 350 young Victorians we surveyed in June 2020 said that since the emergence of COVID-19 they “have witnessed people say rude or mean things about another person’s racial, ethnic or cultural group online or in the media".

Centre for Multicultural Youth, Covid-19 Insights paper July 2020.

Group of Young People 2021 Group of Young People during the Pandemic


Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion Governance Group formed

In October 2020, the first meeting of the newly established CMY Diversity and Inclusion Governance Group (D&I GG) was held. After determining the need for focused work on several priority areas, the development of a CMY Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for 2021-2023 commenced in consultation with CMY staff.

The Strategy outlines CMY’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the strategic goals, and the steps needed to achieve these goals across a three-year period. Key principles that guided the work include: representation, consultation, participation, allyship, learning, safety, and celebration.

Two priority areas were highlighted as part of this Strategy and several advancements have been made in both of these areas across financial year 2020-2021:

1. A Strategy for Reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

2. An Anti-Racism Strategy


Anti-Racism Strategy


Developing an Anti-Racism Strategy in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement

The advent of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, first initiated in the United States and then adopted in countries around world, inspired CMY to reflect on their approach to anti-racism.

CMY developed an internal anti-racism strategy, in recognition that all organisational settings can improve in anti-racism practice, outlining their commitment to recognise and address racism in the spaces they occupy. Alongside this, CMY developed an anti-racism position statement and actions through which to realise these commitments.

Young people reviewing the anti-racism position statement Young people reviewing the anti-racism position statement


New Chair of the Board


Bao Hoang steps up as the new Chair of the Board of Governance

The start of 2021 sees Dr. Hass Dellal AO retiring as Chair of CMY and the Board welcomes a new Chair, Bao Hoang.

Hass was core to supporting CMY for over 20 years and demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting young people to find a place in the world and to nurture their leadership. After a long period of service he decided it was time to provide an opportunity for someone else and Bao Hoang was appointed as the new Chair.

Founder and Group CEO of Roll’d Australia Pty Ltd., Bao was born in Australia to a Vietnamese migrant family and contributes his upbringing in Australia to the life he leads today. His lived experience is why he feel strongly that the multicultural youth of today are afforded the same opportunities he was, and is what inspired him to take up the opportunity to lead the CMY Board of Governance.

"Being born in Australia to a Vietnamese migrant family, my sense of identity was slightly confused – a feeling which may resonate with many of the young people CMY works with. I always tried to be as ‘Aussie’ as possible, and it wasn’t until I reached my late teens when I began to realise the value of my culture and to be proud of my heritage."

Bao Hoang, 2021

CMY Chair of the Board, Bao Hoang, with Sherry-Rose Bih Watts CMY Chair of the Board, Bao Hoang, with Sherry-Rose Bih Watts


Futures Think Tank


Exciting new ventures from the Futures Think Tank

The work of CMY’s Futures Think Tank set some exciting new ventures in motion for CMY, one being a youth-led unit and one being CMSport.

The youth-led unit, now rebranded as Culture Spring, was designed to be a youth-led space governed by a committee of management who are a team of young people that bring their expertise, lived experience and passion for change-making. It is a business unit that aims to transform organisations, institutions and workplaces, making them more inclusive and culturally safe. It continues to evolve over the years but stays true to its mission to break down barriers and build new bridges to enable multicultural young people to influence, guide, and lead change.

CMSport was an idea that had been brewing for some years but officially launched in September 2021. CMSport is an initiative to help bridge the gap between the sporting world and Australian multicultural communities, and plays a pivotal role in facilitating partnerships and connections between organisations seeking to build a more diverse and inclusive sports sector.


Acknowledging First Nations


Acknowledging First Nations

As a core commitment made in the Anti-Racism Strategy, CMY embarked on the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). With the support of Reconciliation Australia, CMY developed their Reflect RAP, a framework for their efforts to strengthen relationships between First-Nations and non-Indigenous peoples in Australia. 

Artwork by Merindah-Gunya / Bayley Mifsud Artwork for CMY by Merindah-Gunya / Bayley Mifsud


Strategic Plan


Launch of the 2023 - 2027 Strategic Plan

December 2023 sees the launch of the CMY Strategic Plan 2023-2027 which outlines four strategic pillars that underpins all of of CMY’s work:

MY Community: Young people are connected, belong and contribute to their families and the community.

MY Journey: Young people are empowered to access opportunities and actively shape their own futures.

MY Voice: Young people are understood, accurately represented and influential.

MY CMY: CMY is a strong partner and recognised leader in working with diverse young people.

Read the Strategic Plan

CMY Youth Intern, Maxwell Leuga CMY Youth Intern, Maxwell Leuga